UV Curing Machine/ Dryer

UV Curing Machine is a mixture chemical reaction when UV varnish or ink is used to object and when it reaches through UV light it gets cured immediately. A definite grade of high-quality Polymerization of UV Lacquer on the object through UV Light. UV Curing System is available in different sizes and power. To guarantee optimal operating performance, an UV Curing Machine presents great versatility in curing a variety of cylindrical and odd shaped substrates. With these designed machines we deliver optimum functionality, the machines are manufactured by skilled staff to assist you in obtaining the right UV curing machine for your inks, adhesive and coatings curing requirements. The offered UV curing machines come with standard features including a user-friendly touchscreen interface, revolutionary irradiator design for maximum energy efficiency, adjustable legs for the height of the conveyor, a unique conveyor pulley design for hassle-free tracking with a Teflon coated belt for long lasting durability.

The application area:

• Board
• Metal Sheet
• Wood
• Helmet
• Photography
• Shoe Industry
• Tiles


• Compact, efficient design
• Heat resistant mesh conveyor belt
• Tilting control from conveyor declination
• Displayed conveyor speed meter
• Adjustable control speed with meter
• Low noised cooling blowers
• Safety working from harmful UV rays
• Low maintenance cost
• Emergency stop switch